Our team

Listed below are a couple members of the Industrial Commons team, their roles, and biographies.

Christian Joy Oropeo

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Business and psychology double major at the University of Maryland.

E-mail: Christian@IndustrialCommons.org

Matthew Berman

Co-Founder, Project Director

Mechanical engineering major.

E-mail: Matt@IndustrialCommons.org

Erick Shepherd

Co-Founder, Operations Director

Physics and mathematics double major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

E-mail: Erick@IndustrialCommons.org

Adil Zuber

Technical Advisor

Chemical engineer, educator, and science communicator.

Christopher Priest


Self-taught electronics hobbyist.

E-mail: chris@industrialcommons.org


Below is a roster of the amazing people who have made Industrial Commons possible!

  • Christopher Weir
  • Dave Hluchy
  • Earl McCammon
  • John Magro
  • John Scrivener
  • Josh Oropeo
  • London Tessa Angelit
  • Peter Wright
  • Spencer Paire
  • Tessa Miller
  • Wendy Shepherd

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