On the Viability of Fresnel Lens Solar Thermal Energy Systems


Photovoltaic solar power is currently the most widely utilized source of renewable energy. However, the primary setback for photovoltaics has always been the heavy cost associated with them due the use of precious metals in their manufacture. Solar thermal energy concentration offers a marginally less expensive medium for generating solar power, and utilizes heat energy that photovoltaics do not take full advantage of. While solar thermal energy concentration systems utilizing mirrors already exist, there are not yet any facilities that use Fresnel lenses on a large scale. Such systems offer a potential alternative to those more costly power sources for both developing countries and do it yourself (DIY) hobbyists alike.

Project team

  • Matthew Berman
  • Erick Shepherd

Project details

Began: 12 October 2014
Last updated: 6 June 2016


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Experimental procedure

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