Miniature Tesla Coil


This project’s purpose is to design and build a functional miniature tesla coil. It will be somewhat unimpressive, but it will be an appealing project none the less. We expect this to be a preface to larger and more complex tesla coils in the future. We will be operating on a tight budget in order to prepare ourselves for how financially demanding larger tesla coils become. Pictures and videos of our progress will be available below.

Project team

Project details

Began: 9 July 2016
Last updated: 5 November 2016


The main goal of this project is to design a miniature tesla coil on a limited budget. In doing so we may learn some tricks to reducing the costs of larger more complex versions. It also provides us with a highly portable demonstration of our capabilities and competency. The beginning stage of this tesla coil’s development will be getting it into a running state; then afterwards upgrading components to increase the tesla coil’s efficiency. The finished product will have a number of 3d printed parts that will serve to house the hardware such as the spark gap. Also, by using a small budget we minimize the costs involved in replacing improperly constructed components.

Project Media

Project Date: 7/9/2016

Project Date: 7/23/2016

Above: Update of progress at the end of the meeting.

Above: Demonstration of spark gap’s variability.

Above: Prototype spark gap using cardboard and metal rods.

Project Date: 8/13/2016

Above: Prototype miniature tesla coil going through a test run.

Project Date: 10/8/2016

Above: Update of progress at the end of the meeting.

Above: Demonstration of electromagnetic induction using a ferrous core.

Above: Collage of tests using the updated mini tesla coil.

Project Date: 10/22/2016

Above: Miniature tesla coil arcing through miniature speaker.

Project Date: 11/5/2016

Above: Miniature tesla coil in its semi-final form.

nearly finished mini tesla coil

Project Date: 1/7/2017

Above: Installation of new power supply and spark gap