Target Tracking Sentry

Inspired by the level one sentry gun from the game, Team Fortress 2. The idea is create an target tracking program capable of following a moving target with no delay.

This woLvl1Sentryuld be accomplished through the use of a Raspberry Pi programmable circuit board, a Raspberry Pi compatible camera and the necessary programming (I am considering Python).

This project has major security and/or area-denial potential and could be used by both public and private sectors.

Future additions and ideas include:

  • A case and stand to hold the Raspberry Pi and other hardware. This case and stand would be designed and modeled to look like the in-game sentry.
  • Incorporation of a Vulcan Nerf Gun that launches foam projectiles at a target.


Security-related ideas:

  • A motion sensor that when activated will turn on the camera and motion tracking programming. The tracking software would locate the object or being making the motion and record footage.
    • Another idea is the sentry would transmit a live video feed to an Internet/network enabled device.
    • Attaching a speaker so you can speak into an Internet/network enabled device and have the sound emanate from the sentry.
  • Attaching a picture camera to take pictures of a target.
  • Attaching a flashlight to the sentry to compensate for dark or minimal light environments.
  • Date 16 August 2016
  • Tags Ongoing, Proposed